C6N 4MP Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera


Watch over your entire space easily with the C6N Camera’s 360-degree field-of-view and its smart tracking feature. It’s got you covered – all day & all night.

2K Resolution
Motion Detection
Motorized Pan and Tilt for 360° Visual Coverage
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

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It’s got you covered – all day & all night.

Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera

The C6N from EZVIZ comes equipped with a Smart IR function, which uses advanced infrared (IR) lighting to capture more details in dim light. With its 360-degree field of view and smart tracking function, you won’t need to worry about missing a thing.

1080p Video

Smart Night Vision with Smart IR (up to 10m / 33ft.)

Motorized Pan and Tilt 360° Visual Coverage

Sleep Mode for Privacy Protection

Motion Detection

Smart Tracking

Two-way Talk

View from Anywhere

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

MicroSD Slot (up to 256 GB)

Records every corner in 2K resolution.

This powerful camera records images in 2K resolution, rendering crisp details even in 4x digital zoom, so you see everything clearly in live video and playback.

Zero blind spots.

Keep tabs on every corner with just one C6N. Its expansive 360-degree field-of-view ensures full coverage, so you don’t miss a thing.

Smart tracking.

When it detects a moving object, the C6CN is smart enough to automatically track its motion while alerting you with an image in real-time.

Communication anytime.

Talk to your loved ones and deter unwelcome strangers – all by using the C6N’s two-way communication feature. Using the EZVIZ App on your mobile device, you can easily and conveniently enjoy communication wherever you might be.

See further in the dark.

Enjoy round-the-clock protection with the C6N camera. Using powerful Infrared LED lights, it lets you see up to 10 meters (33 feet) in dim light.

We protect your data and privacy.

Protecting your data and privacy is our highest priority. Data transmission between the camera and the EZVIZ Cloud is encrypted from end to end. Only you have the keys to decrypt your data. To get an extra layer of privacy protection, you can always enable the camera’s sleep mode on the EZVIZ App.

Save money on video storage and bandwidth.

The camera features the advanced H.265 video compression technology, achieving better video quality with only half the bandwidth and half the storage space of the previous H.264 video com- pression standard.

* The H.265 video compression applies when the 24/7 video recording is activated.

Two storage options.

Save your recordings with flexible and secured solutions. The C6N comes with a built-in MicroSD card slot that can store up to 256 GB of recorded footage. You can also save your images to EZVIZ Cloud* for additional back-up.

* Cloud storage service is only available in certain markets. Please verify the availability before making any purchase.

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How-to Videos

How-to Install


About the camera

  • How to use voice assistant to control your Ezivz security cameras

    Connecting your EZVIZ security cameras with voice assistant(s), such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, is a simple process.

    Checklist before setting up:

    • Make sure you have downloaded EZVIZ App and Amazon’s Alexa App/Google Home App on your phone.
    • Make sure your EZVIZ security camera has been added to EZVIZ App successfully;
    • Turn off ‘Image Encryption’ of your EZVIZ security camera:
      1. Log in to your EZVIZ App and go to device setting;
      2. Look for ‘Image Encryption’ and tap to turn it off.
      3. Enter the verification code (as the default password) to apply the change.
    • Change the name of your EZVIZ security camera:
      1. Go to device setting
      2. Tap on ‘name’ and change it based on your need, such as ‘front door camera’ or ‘baby room camera’.

    Enable EZVIZ skills on Amazon Alexa

    Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/ro3Y8AkXJ7M
    • Log in to your Alexa App.
    • Choose ‘Add Device’ from the menu.
    • Choose ‘Camera’ and select EZVIZ to enable the skill.
    • Enter your EZVIZ username and password in order to authorize Alexa to access your EZVIZ account.
    • Tap ‘Discover Devices’ to allow Alexa to discover all your EZVIZ devices.
    • Go back to Alexa app menu and you should see all your EZVIZ devices under ‘Cameras’.

    Connect EZVIZ devices to Google Home

    Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/v3nrrosYRr8
    1. Log in to your Google Home App.
    2. On the home screen, tap ‘Add’, then ‘Set up device.’
    3. Select ‘Have something already set up?’
    4. Type and search ‘EZVIZ’, then select it.
    5. Enter your EZVIZ username and password in order to authorize Google Home to access your EZVIZ account.
    6. Once the device is linked successfully, follow the prompts to finish the setup.

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