C3X AI-Powered Dark-Fighter


Meet the world‘s first commercial-grade security camera with a dual-lens setup. Night time color video has become a reality, even with the absence of supplemental lights. And built-in AI algorithms just made everything easier. Now you can get accurate alerts when people and vehicles appear in your specified zones. Get protection with the C3X, in high-tech and professional fashion.

Intelligent Dual-Lens
Color Night Vision
Human/Vehicle Shape Detection
Embedded AI Deep Learning Algorithm

Smart Home Camera

Color Night Vision Camera.

The C3W Pro, the upgraded color night vision camera
from EZVIZ, is embedded with an AI algorithm to provide
the person detection and more precise alerts even in darkness.

You can also have two-way conversations with your family
or visitors wherever you are using the EZVIZ App on your mobile phone. Peace of mind, always at your fingertips.

Intelligent Dual-Lens

Color Night Vision

Embedded AI Deep Learning Algorithm

Human/Vehicle Shape Detection

IP67 Dust and Water Protection

Active Defense with Siren and Strobe Light

Dustproof and Waterproof IP67

Active Defense with Siren and Strobe Light

The first dual-lens seen on a security camera.

In the dual-2 MP camera setup, vivid color imaging is accomplished using two lenses – one lens records the ambient brightness and the other captures color information. Then the two images are merged using EZVIZ’s own proprietary algorithm to create an image that is rich in details and realistic color.

Revolutionary color night vision without spotlights.

Leveraging supplemental lights to achieve color night vision was brilliant – until the introduction of the C3X. The C3X uses dual lenses and dual infrared lights to render better color images even in the lowest light conditions. There’s no need for spotlights. C3X’s colors are more natural, and the image is more evenly-illuminated.

C3X Night Vision*
Night Vision with Built-in LEDs
Traditional Black/White Vision
*In extreme environments, such as a completely enclosed warehouse or rural areas in a moonless cloudy night, the C3X will shift to black/white mode to ensure utmost image clarity.

Motion-triggered recording of people and vehicles.

With a built-in deep learning model, the C3X can detect the motion of person and vehicle shapes in real-time. Now you can receive the precise motion alerts you’ve always wanted. When no one is watching, the C3X takes the shift for you.

Actively protects places that matter.

The C3X lets you draw particular zones on the EZVIZ App to protect what matters to you the most. You can decide whether you want to keep people, cars, or both out of the zones. Upon detection of objects of interest, the camera will issue a loud siren and flash the strobe light to drive intruders away. You’ll receive a notification in a split second

Customize your voice alerts.

The C3X lets you record your own voice for customized greeting or deterrence. For example, when visitors park cars in prohibited areas, the camera will play a pre-recorded message and instruct the drivers to park elsewhere.

Save money on storage and bandwidth.

The camera features the advanced H.265 video compression technology, achieving better video quality with only half the bandwidth and half the storage space of the previous H.264 video compression standard.

Designed to brave all types of weather.

With a whole metallic enclosure and an IP67 rating, the camera can withstand rainy, sunny, stormy, and even snowy days, giving you year-round peace of mind.

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How-to Videos

How-to Install


About the camera

  • How to use voice assistant to control your Ezviz securiity cameras?

    Connecting your EZVIZ security cameras with voice assistant(s), such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, is a simple process.

    Checklist before setting up:

    • Make sure you have downloaded EZVIZ App and Amazon’s Alexa App/Google Home App on your phone.
    • Make sure your EZVIZ security camera has been added to EZVIZ App successfully;
    • Turn off ‘Image Encryption’ of your EZVIZ security camera:
      1. Log in to your EZVIZ App and go to device setting;
      2. Look for ‘Image Encryption’ and tap to turn it off.
      3. Enter the verification code (as the default password) to apply the change.
    • Change the name of your EZVIZ security camera:
      1. Go to device setting
      2. Tap on ‘name’ and change it based on your need, such as ‘front door camera’ or ‘baby room camera’.

    Enable EZVIZ skills on Amazon Alexa

    Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/ro3Y8AkXJ7M
    • Log in to your Alexa App.
    • Choose ‘Add Device’ from the menu.
    • Choose ‘Camera’ and select EZVIZ to enable the skill.
    • Enter your EZVIZ username and password in order to authorize Alexa to access your EZVIZ account.
    • Tap ‘Discover Devices’ to allow Alexa to discover all your EZVIZ devices.
    • Go back to Alexa app menu and you should see all your EZVIZ devices under ‘Cameras’.

    Connect EZVIZ devices to Google Home

    Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/v3nrrosYRr8
    1. Log in to your Google Home App.
    2. On the home screen, tap ‘Add’, then ‘Set up device.’
    3. Select ‘Have something already set up?’
    4. Type and search ‘EZVIZ’, then select it.
    5. Enter your EZVIZ username and password in order to authorize Google Home to access your EZVIZ account.
    6. Once the device is linked successfully, follow the prompts to finish the setup.

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C3X AI-Powered Dark-Fighter