EZVIZ launches its first dual-lens pan-tilt-zoom smart camera, setting a high bar for 360-degree home protection

Nov 10, 2021 – Leading smart home company EZVIZ unveils its first dual-lens pan-tilt-zoom security camera: the C8PF, satisfying the market’s high demands for all-around protection. EZVIZ designed the C8PF to provide impressive 8× mixed zoom and unique in-app picture-in-picture display. This renders close-up details as well as background information at the same time. Its vision is further improved by 360-degree rotation and AI-powered human shape detection to provide smart surveillance with zero blind spot. With total flexibility, the camera can fulfill highly complicated home protection tasks.

“The C8PF is a flagship product to our C8 Weatherproof Pan & Tilt Series,” said Jenny Zhu, product manager of EZVIZ’s C8 Series. “An exemplary ‘all-in-one’ camera, the C8PF hits multiple targets at once: a pan & tilt camera designed for any weather, a single device with long-range and panoramic views, and an active guard for 24/7 protection.”


With unprecedented, zoomable 360-degree panning, the camera covers front yards, back yards, and entryways with performance equivalent to a multi-camera security system. The C8PF is smart enough to detect human shapes and send real-time alerts at the presence of visitors – whether expected or otherwise. Integrating a 12 mm telephoto lens with a 2.8 mm wide-angle lens, the camera clearly displays both far-off details as well as a wide-angle views thanks to its picture-in-picture mode.

With simple app controls, users can rotate the C8PF and zoom in and out smoothly to optimize the camera’s coverage. Two-way communications and extra-large 512 GB on-camera storage capacity are also among the wanted features of the C8PF.


A 2020 Good Design Award winner, the C8PF avoids overstating the complex functionality in its design, ditching the bulkiness of traditional surveillance cameras with a lightweight, attractive housing. In short, the C8PF has made commercial-grade protection affordable, accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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