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How to Share EZVIZ Devices with Friends and Family?

EZVIZ Wi-Fi Camera and security systems enables you capture those moments you never want to lose. However if you want to view the same device from two different mobile devices at the same time, you can achieve that simply by EZVIZ app;

1)  Log into the EZVIZ mobile app

2)  Select the camera you wish to share > then from the top right corner, tap on the share icon

3)  Follow the prompt > input the customer’s valid email/phone number registered with EZVIZ

(Note – You can only share your video with a friend that has an EZVIZ account). Live view is enabled by default, but you can choose to allow the user view the playback and receive alarm notification messages.

4)  Click on “OK” to complete the settings

The user will receive the sharing invitation in his account, once the invitation is accepted the user can view the device as well as the original owner of the device.

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